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Formulating a Structured Automation Test Tool Implementation Strategy

Formulating a Structured Automation Test Tool Implementation Strategy TechTesters have numerous clients who have been involved with the implementation of automation test tools. Although the actual tools differ in functionality and configuration, the implementation strategy has always tended to be very similar. In light of this, we thought the implementation strategy would be a useful…
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The Great TSB Meltdown

The Great TSB Meltdown Don't blame the Testers! Whenever there is a significant IT systems failure, the finger of blame is often pointed at Testing and you will hear the inevitable cry of ‘why didn‘t they test it?’ Testing and Testers seem to take the brunt of the blame even though people don’t have the…
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The Direction of Testing

The Direction of Testing For the past few years, we have surveyed the techTesters database of over 12,000 testers to find out more about trends, pay-rates and opinions within the software testing market. The results have been published each time in the form of Info-graphics. This article reviews the 2 sets of results from 2017…
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