5 Valuable Traits That Make a Great Mobile Tester

5 Valuable Traits That Make a Great Mobile Tester

A group of testers testing a mobile application is sometimes likened to a hive of generic worker bees swarming upon a mobile application to ensure it is fit for release. However, this isn’t entirely the case and in fact, each and every member of a test team has unique traits which help them spot things mere mortals cannot.


A great mobile tester has something special, an enthusiasm and a keen eye. They are not just robots pushing buttons, they are analytical and critical in their thoughts. So what makes the perfect mobile tester? Are there any traits in particular that render an individual perfect for the role? From our professional option we’ve listed the top 5 most valuable traits that make a great mobile tester, check them out below:


Technical savviness


Technical skills aren’t always necessary for mobile testers, as the tester may play the role of either novice, power user, developer or hacker when testing a mobile application. However, the advantage that technically savvy testers have is that they are able to better connect the dots between back-end architecture, crashes, and errors.




More of an innate characteristic of one's personality and less of a skill, curiosity is an essential ingredient in the success of a mobile tester. Inquisition helps us ask the right questions and look in the right places. More importantly, the level of inquisition will help guide mobile testers to finding the roots of problems, and in turn, render them better mobile testers than their less inquisitive counterparts.


Detail orientation


Detail orientation is perhaps one of the most obvious traits and one that comes up often in discussions about key skills needed for software testing. However, surprisingly, many mobile testers that we’ve come across lack this ability. And it’s more than just being detail orientated that’s necessary. A great mobile tester should also be able to step back and understand the bigger picture - what the mobile app in question is aiming to accomplish, how bugs impact user experience and how they affect the way that the app is meant to be used.




We’ve all probably heard it from our parent when we were young, but patience is a virtue, especially in the world of software testing. Testing can be tedious at times, let’s face it, and after testing fatigue sets in testers need to be able to dig deep. A great mobile tester will be able to engage in repetitive tests, sometimes finding nothing, however when an elusive bug is found that leads to a critical development problem, it all becomes worth it. Not everyone has patience, but the ability to dig deep and remain patient in times of frustration is what separates the great testers from the ordinary.




Last but certainly not least, creativity is a trait that you hear constantly in the IT and technology industries. But creatively is not something that is found in every tester, it is in fact quite rare to find testers with the ability to truly think outside the box when faced with challenging situations. Great mobile testers are able to come up with valuable and unconventional scenarios which tend to help them reveal business critical issues.


So there you have it, you’ve heard our opinion on what we believe to be the 5 most valuable traits that make a great mobile tester. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.


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