Infographic – Software Testing Industry In Spring/Summer 2019 & Beyond

Infographic – Software Testing Industry In Spring/Summer 2019 & Beyond

2019 is well and underway, and as we move further from the dark, cold winter months and toward the growing optimism that comes with longer evenings and better weather, it's difficult to ignore the perceived uncertainty that comes with the Brexit debacle.


Yes, we know. You've heard more than enough about Brexit, and probably sick and tired of referendums and deals. However, we must admit, with IT departments increasingly operating across borders in multinational organisations, Brexit has the potential to affect teams of software testers. With that said, it's critical for those involved in this dynamic industry to stay on top of market trends and movement.


One thing is for sure though; the software testing market is on the rise, and as businesses adopt continuous and agile approaches to product development, the testing landscape is at an exciting crossroads.


To get a better view of the current state of the market and what our industry has in store for us over the next year, once again, we surveyed our database of over 12,000 testers. We were interested in trends, pay-rates and opinions, and have put together the below infographic to display our findings:





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