Infographic – Software Testing Landscape in 2017

Infographic – Software Testing Landscape in 2017

Technological advancements and changes in the way we do business have given software testing its ever-evolving nature over the past few years. The evolution of mobile, applications and systems has created a complex and diverse landscape that has made software testing vital to the majority of organisations. Couple this with our growing reliance on technology and it’s not surprising to see why it is growing as an industry.


In 2017 we don’t expect this growth to slow, and as we move further towards a mobile future of smart devices and internet of things connectivity, we expect this year to provide many a surprise.


We sent out a survey to our database of professional UK-based testers, who work across all levels and in all industries, to gather insight into the software industry as a whole. We put together the below infographic to display our findings:


techTesters - Software Testing Landscape Infographic - V02-min-2-1


If you have any questions about our findings or wish to know more about how techTesters can help your organisation, please contact us, we’d be happy to help. Alternatively, if you are a software tester looking for a new role check out our jobs page or submit your CV.

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