The Pros & Cons of Outsourced Software Testing

The Pros & Cons of Outsourced Software Testing

To outsource, or not to outsource? A common dilemma faced by organisations in the UK when deciding how to invest in resource for their software testing projects. Is it more efficient to outsource the testing responsibility to a specialist organisation, perhaps based abroad, or is there more value in hiring internal team members?


On the surface, there are obvious benefits and drawbacks for each option, however, these will always vary from business to business, project to project, and it is essential for key stakeholders to analyse their situations against each of these points accordingly. Below we’ve listed our pros and cons of outsourced software testing, give it a read and let us know what you think. Are there any that you would add?

The pros of outsourced software testing.


Cost Savings:

By outsourcing the software testing, organisations can potentially eliminate the need to invest in high-end software and hardware required to carry out testing internally. HR costs may also be reduced, as the third-party service providers would take responsibility for the recruitment and training of professional testers.



Third-party software testing service providers usually have teams of testing professionals who are specialised in specific types of testing. Therefore, software testing projects are likely to be carried out in a more efficient fashion, taking up less time and resources.


Management Time Savings:

As the software testing is being taken care of by a third-party agency, it is out of the organisation's hands. This frees up potential management time that would otherwise be spent on organising a team internally, leaving them to focus on other business areas, such as development.



The cons of outsourced software testing.


Issues with Security:

Security is arguably one of the most crucial factors to be taken into consideration when outsourcing any business process. During a typical testing process, an organisation is likely to need to share highly confidential information, such as customer databases, design documents or source codes, with the service provider. Therefore an organisation needs to ensure that the chosen service provider carries out sufficient security measures to retain the confidentiality and privacy of the information, something that can actually prove quite tricky.


Finding a Trusted Partner:

There are a huge amount of software testing companies out there offering outsourced testing services, but how does an organisation know which one is best for them? One of the difficulties of outsourcing testing is finding a trusted partner, that you’re willing to give the responsibility of potentially high value, business-crucial projects.



It may seem quite ironic mentioning quality as a potential drawback of outsourcing software testing. We are in the realms of quality assurance after all. However, when outsourcing, organisations need to closely monitor quality throughout the entire outsourcing process, as the business's reputation may be at stake if work is not up to standard.


Loss of Control:

When the pressure’s on, and there are strict deadlines, it can prove tricky to effectively maintain communication with a third party, and even tougher to make sure that the testing is delivered on time. There’s no doubt, that when software testing is done in-house, organisations benefit from better control over their projects.


Working Across Borders:

Many of the outsourced software testing service providers that UK businesses work with are situated in countries across the globe, such as India, China or the Philippines. This can prove disadvantageous at times, as there are factors such as time zones, language barriers and restricted methods of communication to be overcome.


Now that we’ve given our round up on the pros and cons of outsourced software testing, what are your thoughts? Would you outsource your next software testing project or prefer to do it in-house?


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